Temporary Procedures and Modifications
Required for Home Visitation During
COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 protocols effective August 5, 2021

  1. Dr. Allegra has been fully vaccinated, received her second Moderna vaccine in early February 2021 and 3rd booster in late October 2021. She is still taking precautions during home visits.
  2. Dr. Allegra will wear a mask. Fully vaccinated individuals (either having received their second doses of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines at least two weeks ago or having received their first dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine at least 4 weeks ago) should wear masks indoors. Masks are optional for these individuals if the appointment takes place outside.
  3. For their own safety unvaccinated or partially vaccinated individuals who will be present, including children, should wear a mask or face covering which covers the nose and mouth completely.
  4. If at all possible, please try to limit those present to your immediate household, or at most including one or two additional households (preferably vaccinated). It’s best if unvaccinated individuals who are older or have underlying health conditions say their goodbyes prior to the visit and stay safely in another room.
  5. If everyone present is fully vaccinated, we can be outside or inside with windows and doors open for the appointment. If there will be unvaccinated individuals present, and particularly if there will be more than one household present, we should be outside for the appointment or the family should plan to be with their pet near an open entryway leading to the outside and Dr. Allegra will stay outside, only coming in for the sedative and final injections.
  6. Dr. Allegra will provide you with a link to patient and consent forms that can be filled out, signed, and submitted online. Payment should be in the form of check made payable to Dr. Allegra Liu (preferred method and can be prepared ahead of time), cash, or online credit payment by Square invoice (please let Dr. Allegra know if you will be paying by credit card and she will send an invoice by email).

These temporary restrictions supersede all other descriptions of procedures offered elsewhere on the website. Hopefully, we will be able to return to more normal operations soon.