Temporary Procedures and Modifications
Required for Home Visitation During
COVID-19 Restrictions

Thank you for understanding the need for modifications to our usual procedures during this health crisis. Dr. Allegra Liu would like to continue providing this much needed in-home service while maintaining personal safety for all of us, as well as working within the requirements and guidelines required by governmental health agencies.

  1. Appointments are subject to reschedule or cancellation at any point, should conditions change in your home, in the community, or with Dr. Allegra’s health (should we need to cancel based on inability to provide service at the scheduled time, there would not be any cancellation fee).
  2. If there is anyone in the home who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection or is showing any symptoms such as dry cough, fever, loss of sense of taste, or smell, please contact Dr. Allegra immediately for a re-evaluation of the potential visit. We will have to consider an alternate person not living with you to be present for the appointment and meet at another location. No one with any illness should be present in the procedure area during the visit.
  3. Dr. Allegra will need to maintain “social distancing” and personal safety. Therefore, she will not be able to shake hands, hug, or have any physical contact during the visit. Please be sure to “self-disinfect” (through hand washing, etc.) immediately before or upon her arrival. Dr. Allegra will wear personal protective gear, including a face mask and gloves. Clients that will be in the procedure area should wear a face mask or cloth face covering. Masks are required not only for your protection but for the protection of Dr. Allegra, her family, and all of the other families with whom she is in contact.
  4. While working with your pet before, during, and after the procedure, Dr. Allegra will try to keep as much physical distance between herself and your family members, as is practical. Please advise your family members, especially younger and older, of these requirements. You may want to consider having older family members or anyone with underlying health conditions say their goodbyes prior to the visit and stay safely inside/ in another room.
  5. Dr. Allegra will need to do everything possible to minimize the time spent in your home. Intake and consent forms should be filled out online ahead of time. Payment should be in the form of a check made payable to Dr. Allegra Liu, cash or credit card to be paid online by Square invoice. Please have a check or cash (in an envelope) ready at the beginning of the appointment, and Dr. Allegra will have you place these on a table for her to collect. A receipt will be emailed. Please be prepared to begin the process quickly once Dr. Allegra arrives (have everyone say goodbyes ahead of the scheduled appointment time, etc). If at all possible, please try to arrange a space to have the procedure performed outdoors (preferred), in an entry, or an open garage space—somewhere that is comfortable for your pet outside of the indoor space, where your family normally spends time.
  6. If we are absolutely unable to be outside for the procedure, plan to bring your pet to an area near an entry to your home with the door open. Dr. Allegra will give the sedative injection there and then step outside while you stay with your pet while he or she becomes sleepy and sedated. Once your pet is comfortably sedated, then ideally, we can all go outside for the final injection. If it is still not possible to go outside, then Dr. Allegra can give the final injection in the entry area, then step outside again to allow the family to say any final goodbyes.

These temporary restrictions supersede all other descriptions of procedures offered elsewhere on the website. Hopefully, we will be able to return to normal operations soon.