Services and Pricing

We provide affordable in-home euthanasia for families of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Pricing and Services:

In-Home Euthanasia

Home Visit, Relaxing Sedation, and Euthanasia Service

Includes complimentary and optional fur clipping and clay paw print impression – $425

During this difficult time, we’ll make sure the final moments with your pet are in the place they love most—home. During this home visit, we’ll ensure that all of your questions are answered and that your pet is as relaxed as can be. Arranging for this to happen at home avoids the stress of a typical veterinary visit and provides a more peaceful experience for your pet and your family.

Once complete, we’ll be able to discuss aftercare options with your family.

Private Cremation

Your pet is cremated individually and the remains returned to you in a standard maple wood urn with a laser-engraved nameplate.* You have the option to request a complimentary digital scan of your pet’s paw print, a copy of which will be returned with the remains. Remains will be shipped direct USPS with signature confirmation required, or if you live or work within a half hr driving distance of San Mateo, hand delivery can be arranged.

  • For pets 20 lbs and under: $200
  • For pets 21-40 lbs: $225
  • For pets 41-70 lbs: $250
  • For pets 71-90 lbs: $275
  • For pets 91-120 lbs: $300

Dr. Allegra is unable to provide cremation transport for dogs weighing over 120 lbs. You may be able to arrange a pick-up by a local crematory. Please inquire with Dr. Allegra for recommendations.

*A selection of different urns and wooden boxes are available, some at an additional cost.

Communal Cremation

Your pet is cremated with a group of pets and respectfully scattered by the crematory on private land located in Salinas, California. Your pet’s remains will not be returned.

  • For pets 20 lbs and under: $100
  • For pets 21-60 lbs: $125
  • For pets 61-80 lbs: $150
  • For pets 81-120 lbs: $175

Dr. Allegra is unable to provide cremation transport for dogs weighing over 120 lbs.

Home Burial

Please check with your local city or county for regulations for pet burial.

Other Fees

Additional fees starting at $50-100 apply for extended travel time (greater than 30 minutes driving distance), evening, weekend, holiday, or short-notice appointments.

Our Policies:

Service Hours

Phone calls are returned between the hours of 8:30 am to 7 pm.

Appointments available seven days a week, including holidays, from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

If you have an urgent situation with your pet, please take them to the nearest veterinary emergency clinic.

Service Area

We operate within a one-hour (driving distance) radius of San Mateo including San Francisco, Marin County as far north as San Rafael, the Peninsula, coastal communities including Pacifica and HMB, East Bay including Alameda and Contra Costa counties, as far east as Walnut Creek/Concord and Livermore area, and South Bay as far south as south San Jose.

Payment Policy

We accept cash, check (preferred method and can be prepared ahead and made payable to Dr. Allegra Liu), and major credit cards.

Cancellation Policy

While Dr. Allegra does understand that cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, short-notice cancellation limits our availability to assist another family who may need help during that scheduled time. When possible, please let us know of any changes with 24-hour notice.

If a cancellation is requested less than two hours before the scheduled time and the doctor has not started driving yet we kindly reserve the right to charge a $200 cancellation fee. If the doctor has started driving or has already arrived there will be a $300 house call fee.

If the cancellation occurs due to the natural death of your pet, and the doctor has not started driving yet, there will be no cancellation fee applied. If the natural death of your pet occurs, and the doctor has started driving or has already arrived, there will be a $300 house call fee plus any aftercare fees that may apply should the owner elect to have the doctor handle cremation services.

Thank you for understanding that this fee system is necessary for Caring Heart Veterinary Services to continue providing our excellent and compassionate level of care.