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As hard as it is to say goodby to your fur baby, Dr Allegra Liu made it so comfortable. She is so caring and understanding at this difficult decision you are making. I will definitely use her again when the time comes and will recommend her to anyone that needs this service.
Julia H.

I called Dr. Liu on Saturday morning and was able to make an appointment for Sunday morning. My 17-year-old kitty had taken a turn for the worse and I wanted to find a dignified home veterinarian service to make him as comfortable as possible for his transition to the next stage of life. Dr. Liu was simply great. She was kind, and compassionate and explained everything that was going to happen. Princeton was at ease and he slipped away peacefully in my arms. Thank you, Dr. Liu for your kindness and the gentle way you treated Princeton. You are a blessing. R.I.P. Princeton.

Wayne P.

It was a hard decision to put down our golden retriever but Dr. Allegra made it so easy. She was compassionate, respectful and gentle with our Max. He hated going to the vet and having Dr. Allegra come to our home and letting Max be in his happy place was the best choice. Thank you for your kindness.

Lynn & Mark E.

During such a time with a broken heart and sadness, Dr. Liu gave us great comfort knowing that our special boy was being well taken care of. While being so sad, I’m grateful for an experience that left us feeling ok.
Char H.

I’ve never felt such heartache at the passing of our beloved Kira. She was smart, playful, feisty and we’ll forever miss her antics. Dr. Allegra’s gentle guidance and compassion throughout the process helped us feel assured she was no longer in pain. Her incredible kindness of being accommodating, even with short notice, was very comforting. I would highly recommend you to our friends and family if they are ever in need of your services. Thank you Dr. Allegra for this amazing work that you do.
Marissa T.

Dr. Liu and her services are a blessing. She took what could have been horrible for me and my family, to an experience that demonstrated the love we had for our little Rosie. My kids, husband and I were able to have Rosie at home on her bean bag with us all around telling her how much we loved her. Dr. Liu was so patient, explaining each step and not rushing through anything. Rosie was comfortable and content and my kids were able to be present to love on her. Thank you Dr. Liu… you have been wonderful and I can not say enough about you and your services.
Marie M.

My family had to put down our beloved dog of 14 years, and Dr. Allegra was nothing but kind and helpful through the entire process. We were in constant communication from the setting up of the appointment until the day my dog’s ashes were safely returned home. The entire service was wonderful, and there is no company I would have rather used to help my family and me through such a difficult time.
Rebecca M.

Dr. Liu made a very hard decision & process so caring & supportive for us last night. We had to say goodbye to our precious cat – Koa, of over 15 years. The kindness and warmth she provided were so kind and helpful for us. It’s such a hard decision, but the right one when you know it’s time for your fur baby to cross the rainbow bridge. Being able to be home, comfortable, and together made it so much easier for Koa and for us. Thank you, Dr. Liu, so very much.
Katherine B.

It’s been a little over three weeks since Dr. Allegra Liu compassionately guided our beloved dog, Muss, to the other side. Her kindness and care for our boy was everything we needed at the end of his life. It’s one of the hardest decisions to make and takes a lot of trust to follow through. We found ourselves in expert hands and we were able to give our best boy the most peaceful, loving send-off in the comfort of our home that he deserved for the years of unconditional love that he gave our family. Thank you Dr. Liu for all that you do for animal family members, because that is indeed what they are, family, and they deserve the highest order of empathetic palliative care. You have our eternal gratitude.
Devon and David P.

Thank you for your kind heart and sympathetic ways it really made a horrible situation so much better. And the thoughtful cast of paw Meant so very much thank you for what you do.
Morgan R.

We are deeply grateful to Dr. Liu for allowing our beloved Maxwell to leave his earthly presence from his favorite place on the earth – the living room couch. Maxwell had a hard start in life, but German Shepherd Rescue – Nor Cal, changed that. At the approximate age of 5, he was placed with us. He spent the next 6 years joyfully experiencing every pleasure a dog enjoys. In addition to his gourmet diet and long walks, he loved his couch. Dr. Liu allowed his passing to be gentle, dignified, and actually quite beautiful. Her kindness and sensitivity during her visit eased the emotional pain we felt. Dr. Liu’s practice in the Bay Area is a blessing. Thank you Dr. Liu.
Joan R.

Dr. Allegra Liu is truly an amazing angel. Her care, compassion and kindness made navigating a very difficult decision manageable. Losing a fur family member is incredibly difficult but her expertise made a world of difference. She helped make the passing of our sweet Madeleine a beautiful transition in our backyard. We are forever grateful to her for allowing us to have such a tender and heartwarming send off.
Deanna R.

Our 13-year old dog, who had been in failing health for awhile, was really struggling more than usual yesterday. He refused to eat, and could not get up. When he soiled himself and still didn’t move, we knew it was time. We called Dr. Liu, she gave us a time she could be here, and arrived actually a little early. Her manner was calm and sympathetic, and she put us instantly at ease. She was patient and allowed us as long as we needed to say our final goodbyes. She was completely prepared and told us exactly what was going to take place. We had the opportunity to say goodbye to our beautiful boy in the backyard he loved more than any other place. It was reverent and dignified, thanks to Dr. Liu. Our family wholeheartedly recommends this option when it is time to release a beloved pet to the universe, and we would definitely call Dr. Liu again.
Heinzmann Family

I have had Dr. Liu’s support with two kitties this year—a year of goodbye’s. I quite literally could not have done this without her. She is kind and extremely technically competent at the same time. That combination is so comforting.
Jeanne B.

We can’t thank Dr. Liu enough for coming to our home when our River took a turn for the worst. She responded quickly and came over same day. She made sure we had time with River, she was so gentle and caring to make this as comfortable for our River. We highly recommend her. Thank you Dr. Liu.
James & Heather P.

Dr. Liu responded immediately by text with full information about her services and her prices. She was just what was needed for a difficult euthanasia of my elderly friend’s dog, plus she followed up by email to check in. I highly recommend her services and am so glad the office Sadie usually goes to recommended Dr. Liu.
Nancy F.

Dr. Liu came in a sad moment in our lives, but she gave us exactly what we needed. She responded to the initial call within minutes, proactively gave instructions and set expectations. Her unobtrusive presence during the procedure was very soothing and gave our family to properly say goodbye to our beloved cat Persik. Thank you!
Alla U.

Dr. Liu was really great. I was dreading every moment of losing my precious dog Bella of 15 years and Dr.Liu was kind and understanding. My dog was very ill and I knew that morning it was time to let her go. I called many vets and they wouldn’t answer or were booked days out and my dog needed help as soon as possible. Dr. Liu texted me back within minutes and was able to arrive a few hours later. I am so grateful for her service and would highly highly recommend her. Thank you, Dr. Liu
Kristen R.

We contacted Dr. Liu and she got back to us right away. She was here the next day to help us with our senior cats. She was calm, gentle and really cared about our cats and us. It is a difficult decision to transition a pet, I can say if I ever had to do it again I would call on Dr. Liu. She even followed up with a pet sympathy card, she cares about our pets and us.
Kristin S.

I can’t recommend this caring, sympathetic woman enough. Our dog, Sugar, declined suddenly and rapidly, so I was looking for a same day appointment to ease her suffering. After making calls all day, Dr. Allegra Liu was the only one who offered me a same day, night time appointment. Even though our appointment was likely tacked on to the end of a long day for her, she was respectful, patient, and made the whole process a beautiful experience. Due to COVID, we had to do everything in our front entryway with the front door open, but I didn’t feel that detracted from it at all. She explained each step and what we should expect, and we were given the time we needed at each point. She even suggested that we allow our other dogs to be able to come and say goodbye to Sugar. Sugar went so peacefully, and it meant so much to us that we were able to do that for her when she needed it, and that she could be at home where she felt safe and could be with both her parents who loved her so so much. Dr. Liu gave us a little bag with some of her fur and also did a clay print of her paw, which we really appreciated having while we waited for her ashes to be returned to us. Dr. Liu followed up with a very nice handwritten card, and also an email with grief resources, and we arranged for her to hand deliver us Sugar’s ashes, which arrived in a beautiful box. Every step of this process exceeded every expectation I had and was worth every penny. I have so much gratitude to Dr. Liu for helping us when we needed her.
Gillian C.

Dr. Allegra Liu was wonderful!! She came to my home as soon as possible, in spite of the COVID 19 pandemic. She was very flexible, patient, professional and compassionate. Dr. Allegra was very much appreciated by me at such a sad and trying time. I highly recommend her.

Phyllis M.

Saying goodbye to my beloved 17-year-old companion dog Annie was extremely difficult, but Dr. Allegra made it as painless as possible for her and for her people. Annie hated going to the vet. She always started shaking as soon as she saw where we were going. This was so much better and kinder for her (and for me). Dr. Allegra gave Annie a sedative which relaxed her completely, then painless euthanasia followed, all while Annie rested comfortably on the bed she shared with me. While the loss is still emotionally difficult, I am comforted by knowing that the experience was as easy for Annie as possible. I recommend Dr. Allegra’s services without reservation.
Christine D.

Dr. Liu came highly recommended by a close friend, who said that the experience would be graceful, peaceful, and a perfect end to a dear friend’s journey. She was 100% right. Dr. Liu’s compassion, expertise, and kindness was just what we needed to help our pal Gus to the next step in his journey. I could not recommend her more highly, she is an angel.
Rick M.

Deciding to say goodbye to our pet was one of the hardest experiences in my life. I wasn’t sure how to feel about at-home euthanasia, but I can’t emphasize enough how much it meant to my family to be able to say goodbye to our dog in his bed with his family surrounding him. Dr. Liu made us feel comfortable, educated and prepared about the process and what to expect, and her post-event follow-up and personal touches were so thoughtful. She was professional but gave us space to say our goodbyes. We appreciate the experience and how gentle she was as she laid our dear family dog, Hurley, to rest.
Ursula O.

Dr. Lui arrived at our home Sunday to euthanize our kitty just hours after it was apparent that our sweet kitty was dying. It was such a relief to know that our dear little friend would not have to wait for an appointment at her regular vet’s office in a day or two or be put in a carrier and go to the emergency vet’s clinic. Dr. Lui was kind and gentle and yet professional and our dear little kitty died a gentle and peaceful death here at home with us petting and talking to her. My husband and I are very grateful for the wonderful service of in home euthanasia that Dr. Lui provided for our dear companion.
Patricia C.

When our sweet 13-year-old cat took a sudden turn for the worse, we found Dr. Liu from a list provided by our vet clinic. She turned out to be a great choice. Her compassionate and low-key bedside manner was appreciated by my college-aged kids, who cherished this pet they grew up with. She is an excellent communicator, both in person and via email and text. The whole process from making the appointment to paying the fee was handled professionally and efficiently. I highly recommend her.
Pam M.

I found Dr. Liu through my Vet. She was on the recommended list of vets for in-home euthanasia. She was very responsive when I reached out to get scheduling and pricing information. More importantly, when it came time to put our dog of 14.5 years down, she was extremely patient. She didn’t rush us and answered any questions we had. She explained the procedure and what to expect. This was such a hard decision for us and she gave us comfort during those last few moments. I appreciated it so much. She checked in a couple of days after his passing and provided some resources as well. She was also very kind and went out of her way to hand-deliver his ashes back to us.
Tao Tao W.

Shyla was our entire world. She was the happiest, most outgoing, goofy soul you’d ever meet. Unfortunately she went through too much as a pup for her to overcome. We showered her with so much love and affection, she was our family. There’s a huge hole in our family without our sweet girl but we know she’s at peace now. You will forever be with us sweet girl.
Samantha M.

We had to make the incredibly difficult decision to put our baby Blueberry to sleep after a long illness. She had spent so many bummer days at the vet and we didn’t want to put her through any more. It was a gift to her to be able to do this at home. She left the world eating bacon and getting much deserved love and she was both calm and Ar peace. Dr. Liu was so kind and professional. She was patient and allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye – even though it’s COVID and it was raining. She just waited and was so caring and compassionate. We are extremely grateful that this last act of love – helping our baby pup cross the Rainbow Bridge without stress – was possible. I would recommend this service to anyone whose pet needs to be at home and not go through the stress of a vet visit.
Amy H.

Dr. Liu was a very kind and thoughtful practitioner during an extremely difficult time. She made our dog Lucy feel comfortable and safe and allowed us our time to grieve her passing. I will always appreciate the fact that we could do this incredibly hard thing in our own home with my whole family surrounding her.
Natali F.

Dr. Allegra came at 7:00 in the evening to relieve our dog, Cookie, of her pain. She was patient and kind. Cookie had some bacon, lay down and went peacefully to sleep. I would highly recommend Dr. Allegra for pet euthanasia. She takes your wishes under consideration. We will ever be grateful to her.
Jean C.

My furbaby’s situation turned to the worst really quickly, and I didn’t want him to suffer much longer. It was not easy to find a doctor who was willing to come in such a short notice on a weekend. Luckily Dr Liu was flexible and available. I contacted her early morning on a Sunday, and she responded quickly and was able to meet couple of hours later. I loved my furbaby unconditionally. Though I know it was time to let him go, my heart was shattered and a piece of my heart died with him. Dr Liu was very patient and compassionate throughout the whole process.

I also requested a private cremation for my baby and possibly do a witness. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, witnessing was not allowed. Instead, Dr Liu was able to communicate to the cremation owner and provided a video as an alternative.

Thank you very much Dr Liu for helping me through this painful experience. I am truly grateful to you!

Jean S.

Dear Dr. Allegra, You were the saving grace in a completely difficult and stressful situation. Thank your for your immediate response, availability, and supportive care on the sad day we said goodbye to our dear, sweet, darling Pearl. She was the light of our lives and you understood that. You helped make our last moments together as perfect as possible. Your combination of professionalism and compassion could not be better. Thank you for all that you do.
Anne C.

I can’t recommend Caring Heart Veterinary Services enough. We needed someone to come to our home on a national holiday and after making so many phone calls Dr. Allegra Liu was available. She was calm and soothing, as well as professional and respectful. I felt sure that my beloved kitty was in the best hands. I love that part of the service includes keeping some fur in a keepsake bag and a paw print in clay. We even got a card a few days later with a handwritten note. These little things are so thoughtful and something I definitely didn’t think of or expect. Thank you so much, Dr. Allegra, I am so grateful!
Jamie F.

We recently had to make the tough decision to put our aged cat, Yuki, to sleep due to many health concerns. Dr. Allegra Liu was amazing. She responded quickly to my email on a Sunday afternoon. We scheduled an appointment for the following Wednesday and Dr. Liu arrived on time, was compassionate, caring, and professional. Although we are in the middle of a pandemic she was able to allow me and my family quality time with Yuki before and during his death. She left us with a ceramic paw print that we’ll have to forever remember him by. I highly recommend Dr. Liu.
Aryn E.

Dr. Liu was one of the few veterinarians willing to accommodate our requested nighttime appointment time for sending our beloved dog off to Rainbow Bridge. Our children wanted to be with her for the final farewell and came in from out of state. Dr. Liu was very compassionate, and we are so grateful for her helping relieve our dog’s pain and easing her passing in a peaceful way with all of our family with her. We would highly recommend Dr. Liu to anyone who needs to end their pet’s suffering
Mike G.